Dedicated Crews Saved Our Cabin



We wish to thank all the men and women who fought the Bear Flat fire on July 4th.

Our neighbors -- led by Phon Sutton, a member of the Tonto Village fire team -- responded immediately with the community fire truck and water wagon. Without Phon's dedication to keep water on our cabin, it would have been total loss. A special thanks goes to him.

Sadly, our next door neighbor's cabin burned to the ground in a matter of minutes. Our hearts go out to these good friends.

There must have been 40 firefighters and a helicopter pilot involved in this effort from Pine, Diamond Star, Tonto, Payson, Christopher Creek, Flagstaff, Western Oregon U.S. Forest Service Hot Shots and Type 2 Crew. They worked tirelessly until 8 p.m. that evening to be sure all embers were extinguished. Mark Tiffany was commander in charge and Tom Barker of Payson were the only two names we noted. The teams were always gracious as they dealt with our fears and questions.

We can't thank you all enough.

Bob and Carol Collins, Phoenix and Bear Flat

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