Firefighters Did Outstanding Job Extinguishing Ponderosa Blaze



Tonto Village and Thompson Draw had enough excitement last Wednesday to last the residents a long time.

The Ponderosa Fire was just too close for comfort. Old-timers would liken the Ponderosa to the Dude Fire a dozen years ago. The residents of Thompson Draw II were evacuated and the Village would have been next to go.

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the firemen and the EMTs, the fire was quickly under control, and Thompson Draw residents were allowed to go back to their homes that same evening. We all owe the firefighters a great big hug and our eternal gratitude for a job well done.

The excitement was not over for our area though, because Sunday, a lightning strike hit on Horse Mountain south of Bear Flat. Again thanks to the quick response of the firefighters, this blaze was under control rather quickly with the use of a helicopter and two slurries that attacked the fire. As a precaution, an engine crew from the Forest Service stayed the night in Bear Flat just in case of a flareup. A few of the Tonto Village Fire Department volunteers were on stand-by.

Bear Flat residents are very grateful to the men who made short work of the lightning-caused fire.

Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary

The auxiliary meeting originally scheduled for July 10 has been rescheduled for 10 a.m., July 17 at the fire station.

Reports will be made on the tentative plans for the Labor Day weekend. The money that will be raised from this fund-raiser will go toward equipping the emergency vehicles with much-needed disposable supplies.

Anyone who would like to do something for your community, stop by the meeting and check it out.

Birthdays, etc.

Laverne Belcher, a resident of Bear Flat and a recent addition to the dominoes group in the Village, celebrated her birthday on July 11. Belated birthday wishes to you, Laverne.

Jolene "Jo" Stack, who lives in Tonto Creek Estates -- known by most of the residents of the area since she works at Creekside -- had her birthday on July 9. Happy Birthday, Jo.

Jim Sumpter of Bonita Creek and Sam Coe of Tonto Village II will share their big day July 16. Have a fantastic birthday, guys.

Pool cues

Through all the excitement this past week, the open pool games were held on Sunday afternoon. Mike Hanich of Diamond Point, Danny Whitmore of Mead Ranch and Tony Urrea of Kohl's Ranch won the first, second and third places, respectively.

Tuesday evening, the ladies got together at the Double D and surprised Ethel Cain with a birthday cake, (Ethel's birthday was July 7th), and some potluck dishes. Everyone had a great time and Ethel also came out the winner of the night.

Lorraine ‘Bo' Mathews and Patty Boeschling shot for second and third places.

Election time

I am sure that everyone is aware that there will be an election this November and that there will be a primary election on Sept. 7. Both my husband, Bill, and I will be at the R-Bar-C Boy Scout Ranch again this year for the primary election and the general election.

Many of the residents of the area did not receive the mail-in ballots this past May. The addresses were not correct. In order to rectify this, I will be leaving extra voter registration forms at the Double D Restaurant. Please fill this form out and mail the form to the Gila County Recorder's office in Globe.

If you have any questions, you can call (800) 291-4452. This election will be important to the Village and the surrounding fire district area --here will be two vacancies on the Tonto Village Fire Board. Don't delay, get those forms filled out and mailed so that you can exercise your right to vote in this election.

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