Former Longhorn Turned Soldier Says Thank You



I would first like to thank you for all of your patriotism and support for the men and women of this country.

It is not only the soldiers who need your support but also those who serve at home either on the police force or the many fire crews now helping to fight the Willow Fire.

I am a soldier inthe U.S. Army, stationed a Fort Stewart, Ga. I once called Payson home and like to look in from time to time. Recently on leave, I was unable to family seeembers who are still in residence of the small town.

I was greatly disappointed in that fact, as I watched the woodlines burn on the television, that I would not be ableo see my family members on this trip home.

I was however very thankful for seeing all the men and women who are fighting the fire with the intent of saving what they can of the precious Arizona forests and the many small towns in them.

I am also thankful for the coverage that you have given to them and the many efforts they make in these horrid events and news given to readers like me. who like to know what is going on at home.

It is through your eyes and the eyes of your journalists that I know I will have a home to come home to when my service ends.

I would like to remind everyone to not only support your troops but alsohe many men and women who serve at home with the fire departments, forest service, and police departments. Without them there would be no home to return to.

Otto Holmquist, Fort Stewart, Ga.

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