Play It Safe With Monsoon Travel


The monsoon season has arrived, and while most of us know what to expect, it still doesn't hurt to take time to be prepared for storm conditions.

Monsoon storms can create dangerous, sometimes even deadly driving conditions, according to AAA Arizona.

After months with no rainfall, a heavy buildup of oil, dirt and grease collect on roads, creating slippery conditions. Slow down when the roads start getting wet, not just for the slippery conditions, but because it's common sense. Stopping distances are greater on wet roads.

  • Plan on a trip taking a little more time during a monsoon storm.
  • Check the tread on tires. As tread wears, tires lose their ability to grip a wet surface.
  • Wet weather places heavy demand on batteries. Recharge or replace batteries.
  • Check windshield wipers. Just as the long, dry days of summer cause buildup of oil, dirt and grease on the road, that same weather can cause wipers to crack or even fall off.
  • Check head and brake lights. Bad weather creates poor visibility, making it difficult to see other drivers and for other drivers to see you.
  • If you get caught in violent rain or hail and cannot see, pull completely off the roadway and stop, and turn off your lights. Once you are stopped, take your foot from the brake to ensure the brake lights are not lit. This will prevent other drivers following your taillights, thinking you are still on the road. Never stop in the travel portion of the road.
  • Don't drive through flooded areas or rushing water. It only takes six inches of rushing water to move a vehicle.

Around the house, consider securing and covering your outdoor furniture as you see a storm approaching. Secured, it cannot be caught up by the wind and blown around, becoming a hazard.

Be prepared for life during monsoon season, but enjoy it, too -- it's one of the best times of year to be in the Rim country.

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