Thanks For Keeping Deer Creek Safe



We would like to express our deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the men and women responsible for keeping Deer Creek Village safe from the recent dangers presented by the Willow Fire.
My husband and I watched anxiously the night of Tuesday, July 6, as backfires were started literally yards from our home located next to the Beeline Highway. e had received word from the sheriff's department a little while earlier that we could "go or stay," but if we chose to leave, we might not be able to return for some time.
We, and our neighbors, chose to stay.ven though the flames were very close, we had faith that the crews present would do everything in their power to prevent a disaster in our tiny community.e listened to the drone of pumps as they worked that night and the next day to save the ranch on the west side of the Beeline, and watched Wednesday, as the backburns jumped the highway and threatened the area immediately to our south.
Through it all, our sentries kept watch along the road with their poles and shovels ready as aircraft raced to extinguish the flames, which, if the wind had had its way, could have seriously threatened us once again.

If not for the all the valiant efforts of countless men and women, we truly believe that Deer Creek would have sustained devastating damage.e commend all the firefighters, crews, and agencies involved in keeping our small community safe.
God Bless you all.

Al and Lanae Laurias, Deer Creek Village

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