A Problem We Can Fix



In your July 9 edition, I read a letter by Alyce Hicks. I believe that she is dead-on with the information she relayed to us about our borders and the unwillingness for our government to do anything to stop the invasion.

This is, however, a problem we can fix ourselves without help from our government. My partner and I own a business in Payson and will not hire anyone who is not a legal resident.

These people are here for our milk and honey and welfare, period. They do not pay proper taxes and their sons do not sign up for selective service.

We, as a nation, stand firm for many ideals just as long as it doesn't inconvenience us too much.

So this is the deal folks, if we stop doing business with the fast food restaurants, the landscapers, the building contractors, the mechanics, etc., that have these illegal hiring practices, and we reward the companies that hang tough and pay their employees properly, we all win.

We don't need the government for this. All we need is to get back to doing what is right.

Butch Klein, Dennis Schwebs, Payson

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