Door Stop, Canit Cut Noise Deal

Agreement silences noise debate


After months of contentiousness, The Door Stop and Citizens Against Noise and Industrial Travesties (CANIT) agreed on a solution to the noise issue at a special town council meeting Monday night.

Jim Hill, owner of The Door Stop, announced that an earlier meeting between the two parties had resulted in agreement on steps Hill would voluntarily take to reduce noise emissions from his cabinet door manufacturing facility.

"The Door Stop's present position and the town's present position is that we're not in violation of the present noise ordinance, we're not in violation of the present nuisance ordinance, and we're not in violation of the present deed restrictions," Hill told the council. "Not in violation doesn't mean no further reduction in noise; not in violation only means that no more noise reductions are required. The Door Stop still intends to continue our policy of reducing the noise."

CANIT leader Ernie Pritchard spelled out the details of the deal.

"We sat down and talked about how we could solve the problem ... Mr. Hill indicated he would lower the machine that is presently offending the people in Country Club Vista Estates, the air park and the sky park," Pritchard said.

"Our contention is that he's doing everything right. We think that if he does what he says he (will do), that it will, in fact, solve the problem."

Community Development Director Bob Gould, charged with presenting the council options to include in a town noise ordinance, said such an ordinance was now moot.

"After all this and after all is said and done, we're probably going to ask the council that we not do a noise ordinance," Gould said.

After the meeting, Town Manager Fred Carpenter said work would continue on a noise ordinance that addresses other issues like barking dogs.

"We're headed in the correct direction with this, and we will come back with other noise considerations that folks have," Carpenter said.

At the regular council meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 22 at Town Hall, the council will discuss closing off Main Street for an August Doin's street dance and will reconsider some budget allocations.

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