'Islam' Letter Very Biased



I read with interest a recent letter appearing in your "Mail Call" titled: "A Lesson on Islam."

The writer, I believe, presents a very biased letter dealing with Islam. I happen to be a Christian, the born-again variety, a retired evangelical pastor and I, too, as does the writer of the letter, believe that Jesus Christ is the way to God. However, for the life of me, I do not understand the thinking of too many Christians who appear to be quick to lash out, blast and condemn people of other faiths.

The Mike Mathes, that is supposedly a well-known prison ministry leader, whom I personally have never heard of, appears to have come across a Muslim cleric that does not speak for all Muslims. Throughout Christendom there are similar voices. For instance, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Kennedy and many other "evangelical, conservative" voices in Christendom do not speak for me nor for hosts of other Christians.

The writer of the letter in question states and I quote, "Christians and Americans are much too naive and curious about other gods and religions, in my opinion." I ask the writer of the letter as to what is wrong with getting to know what other peoples of the world believe?

As a Christian myself, I am not fearful of reading and studying about other religions. In fact, whenever I read and study about others, I can learn much as well as strengthening my own faith. Right now, I am facilitating the adult class each Sunday morning at the Community Presbyterian Church here in Payson in a study on the various religions of the world. The intent of this class study is to learn more about the belief systems of others in order to strengthen our own belief system.

Please know that there are indeed good and bad apples within Islam, even as there are good and bad apples within Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christendom itself.

Rev. Frederick L. Pattison, Strawberry

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