'Lesson On Islam' A Hoax



I find it sad, that still another misleading hoax found on the Internet found its way to an individual in Payson who sent in the article as a "Lesson on Islam" in the July 13. 2004 edition in the "Mailcall" section.

I sent the exact same article to a retired social studies teacher who has studied Islam and is a Fulbright Scholar. He said, "The article is most likely a hoax as the teachings of Islam do not preach the killing of infidels etc."

There is no question that there are zealots and terrorists who preach hate, but it is irresponsible and wrong to condemn a total religion because of one individual even if it wasn't a hoax.

The analogy would be to send a letter by a leader of the KKK saying that all Christians believe as he believes.

Our country is founded on religious freedom and tolerance for differences. Let us be sure of our sources and information before defaming an entire religion.

Ira Gibel, Pine

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