Democrats Have No Place For Pro-Life People



I stopped at the Payson Democratic Headquarters the other day to get information on "Democrats for Life" (a newly-formed group of pro-life Democrats trying to have a voice in the Democratic Party -- so far without success).

I was warmly welcomed by the Payson volunteer, and flooded with information on upcoming events; until she figured out that I was pro-life. That's when the twinkling eyes went dark and the broad smile disappeared into a rigid, straight line, leading me to doubt that "Democrats for Life" stands a chance in the Democratic Party -- to which I used to belong (prior to its support for abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research).

Besides denying each person's God-given right to life, today's Democratic Party has a problem with consistency. While the Payson volunteer suddenly turned pro-life and decried the deaths of Iraq babies during the war -- calling President Bush a "baby killer" -- she seemed not to understand the difference between deliberate killing (4,000 abortions per day in the USA) and unintentional killing (a small, unknown number in the war).

One can only hope that the Democratic Party will permit its pro-life constituents freedom of speech, but don't hold your breath.

At its convention in 1992, Democratic Governor Bob Casey was prevented from addressing the delegates because of his pro-life position.

This year all nine Democratic candidates for president supported the killing of unborn children right up to and including the moment of birth. Some, like Kucinich, switched from pro-life to pro-abortion once they entered the race. (A "Kucinich for President" poster is proudly displayed at the Payson headquarters.)

Others, like Kerry, although "personally opposed to abortion", support even the most barbaric partial-birth abortion which delivers a near-term baby, except for its head, before killing him or her in a procedure too obscene for words.

I wonder if the Kerry crowd would feel comfortable applying Kerry's "I'm personally opposed to abortion, but won't force my opinion on others" cop out to any other morally reprehensible act? For example, replace "abortion" with any of the following in Kerry's mantra: "I'm personally opposed to (child abuse, racism, wife beating, infanticide, lynching, pornography, murder, drug smuggling, slavery, etc.) but would never force my opinion on others." And, what do you get? Not the next president of the United States, I hope.

Ann Barrett

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