Let's Hope Iraqi Freedom Better Than Ours



Regarding the editorial, "Wrong venue, bad form for Ronstadt"

In your editorial you stated that it was tasteless for Ms. Ronstadt to interject politics into the show.

Imagine -- an entertainer dedicating a song to someone she respects -- how unpatriotic!

Give me a break. I heard from people who were at the show, and they spoke of people booing, but just as many cheering. As for the people leaving the concert, many of them left because the show was over.

Look, the right wingers don't seem to complain when artists like Toby Keith ram their version of patriotism down our throat. Critics of Michael Moore's film seemed to accept the massive snow job that was brought about by the TV movie about Jessica Lynch. That lie was on prime time TV.

At least you have to pay to see propaganda by Michael Moore.

In closing, Linda Ronstadt stated her political beliefs by dedicating a song to Michael Moore, and now she is thrown out of the casino? I only hope that the so-called freedom that Bush hopes to bring to the Iraqis is better than what we now have.

Mike DiGiorgio

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