Override Lets Students Keep Teachers



I want to thank the voters who voted yes for the override. We will be going back to school soon, and because of them, I can have Miss Fischer as my teacher.

She was my teacher in third grade, and she will be my teacher in fourth. She makes learning fun. she lets us be kids when we can be kids.

Also, since the override passed, we still have Mrs. Lawson as our librarian. She helps all the kids find their books. Every season, she decorates the coolest tree in our library.

Now we have P.E. since the override passed. That means Mr. Ormand can still teach us. He makes us learn, but we have fun with it.

The last thing I want to say is there are many other teachers we would have lost, but that's not happening because of all the wonderful people who voted yes.

Katy Rose Beckel
Frontier Elementary School

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