Pyf Has No Evidence Of Missing Money



Due to recent events, Karen Schrank is no longer associated with Payson Youth Football. It was mentioned in the Roundup that she took money from Payson Youth Football. We were not aware of any problems until the article that was published in the Roundup on Friday, July 16.

As we deal with cash in our snack bar, there may have been opportunities, but we do not have any evidence of missing money. Karen was a big help to our organization - she organized our golf tournament every year, which included scheduling and getting sponsors for the holes. We appreciate all that she has done, including the many hours she dedicated to our organization, and we hope that those who dealt with her in regards to football will not discontinue their support of our organization.

The purpose of Payson Youth Football is to provide opportunities for the kids to play football, and the kids come first. We have taken steps to ensure that our cash funds are as secure as possible.

Thank you to everyone for their support of our organization, and we wish to express our regrets to Karen and her family for the unfortunate events that they are dealing with.

Angela Parker
Vice President
Payson Youth Football

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