Rainy Season Brings Sigh Of Relief



The rainy season is finally here. For all of us who live within the Tonto National Forest, we can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

This year has turned out to be the scariest for me as far as the fire danger goes, and how really unprepared we are for such a damaging and earth-scarring disaster.

The Ponderosa Fire was so close that I later had nightmares about losing everything. The Tonto Village Fire Department thanks everyone within the district for their cool-headedness under the stress of the Ponderosa Fire. Everyone acted responsibly and did not panic.

Contact your local fire station or the American Red Cross for any of their very informative booklets.

Life goes on in the village

The women's dominoes group will still be getting together at 1 p.m. every Wednesday at the Tonto Village Chapel meeting room. Dominoes starts with double 12s down to 0, so the game usually lasts all afternoon with a break for refreshments. Any woman from the surrounding area is invited to join the group.

Pool shots

Pool playing also has resumed.

The Sunday games got under way at 3 p.m. at the Double D. The guys dominated the tables this week. Danny Whitmors from Mead Ranch and the Valley, Chuck Huth of Tonto Village III, and Cliff Landrum from Mead Ranch, took the top three places.

The Tonto Village ladies pool team drove to the Landmark this week and Candy Hart from Christopher Creek took the top spot. Kelly Hester from the Heber area and Kara Shaw from Tonto Village III came in second and third.

Fire District Auxiliary

There will be a meeting for all auxiliary members and for all the wives of the volunteer firefighters Saturday, July 31 at the fire station. The meeting starts at 10 a.m. and discussion will be primarily concerning the Labor Day Bash that will be held Sept. 4. This year, the Firebelles from Christopher Creek, along with the Whispering Pines Auxiliary and the Thompson Draw ladies will be helping out. If any of the fire department auxiliaries in the area would like to join in, come to this very important meeting. More information will be reported in this column as events get finalized.

The Tonto Village Auxiliary will be having a bake sale in conjunction with the Firebelles from 10 a.m. to noon, Aug. 20 at the Christopher Creek Fire Station.

As everyone is aware, scrimmage for the ASU football team will be taking place at Camp Tontozona on that day. There are many people who come from the Valley to watch this game, so there will be much traffic.

If you would like to bake something to help your fire departments, call Diane Ham in Tonto Village at (928) 478-4044, or (928) 478-4774 in Christopher Creek with your donation.

All members of the Tonto Village Fire Department will get together at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 24 at the fire station. There will be a short meeting and fire training after the meeting. All members are urged to attend.

Birthdays, etc.

Diane Ham of Tonto Village III, along with Tom Dunny, manager of Camp Tontozona, had birthdays July 20.

Jim Ballard, a longtime resident of Tonto Village II, celebrated his day July 21.

July 22, Roy Tolby of Tonto Village III, had his big day.

Laura Tetzke, who is a longtime resident of Tonto Village III, will celebrate her birthday Saturday, July 24.

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