Anti-American View Disappointing



I am writing to express my disappointment with youraper's anti-American views -- yes, anti-American!

I am so disappointed and angered over the recent behavior of some citizens of this country who have determined that their opinion is right and anyone with an opposing opinion should be insulted, shouted-down and told to shut up. It is my contention that it is these, self-appointed, "Super-Patriots" that are anti-American, not those of us that exercise our right to free speech to voice our opposition to the Bush administration and the war.

If the Super-Patriots are not stopped they will continue to create a McCarthy-like atmosphere in this country that scares people into silence and punishes those who will not be silenced. This is allegedly the type of behavior America stands against and is trying to eliminate in the world.

Those of us that love America and are true patriots say let our voices be heard, let our freedom ring out as an example of what a free society can be. I do not agree with those that say we must use military force to disarm Iraq but I will defend, to my death, their right to stand up and voice that opinion. If we spread fear and censorship through this country we have lost and the terrorists have won because they have turned us on each other and we have destroyed America from within.

Let's join together and save America. Let us celebrate our freedom to express ourselves openly and honestly. Speak out and let freedom ring.

Arthur Ott, American citizen and Navy veteran, Phoenix

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