No Reason -- Legal, Ethical Or Otherwise -- To Recuse Myself


Re: Our View Opinion from July 23, 2004

A local lobby group has chosen to attack me over the past few months with misinformation and mischaracterization of my actions regarding the effort to develop a town-wide, comprehensive noise ordinance. The Roundup has chosen to join in with an opinion that I should have recused myself from this issue.

I live in the residential airpark next to the airport. Some of my neighbors have been affected by the noise coming from The Door Stop. Other residents of Payson who live in other subdivisions around The Door Stop have also been affected. Many residents may be impacted by this issue.

I have supported the development of a compromise solution to the noise generated by The Door Stop. I have in the past tried to broker an arrangement for a mediator to work with the neighborhoods' group and Jim Hill to resolve this issue. The solution announced at the council meeting on Monday, July 19, was exactly what I have been advocating from the beginning.

I believe that it is important to retain and attract businesses that provide good jobs; and I also believe that is important to listen to residents' concerns.

It is our job to represent all residents, balance competing interests and promote win-win solutions.

In May, the council voted 6 to 1 to direct staff to develop a comprehensive noise ordinance for the town. For some reason this degenerated into a one company versus one neighborhood fight over industrial noise. The council has not addressed all the other noise issues we have.

The common thread I have heard since the July 19 council meeting is "what about all the other noise issues we have?" I believe we need to institute ordinances that address barking dogs, trash truck hours, construction hours and revisit live bands, vehicular radios and boom boxes and the other noises that have an impact on our quality of life here in Payson.

I had no reason- legal, ethical or otherwise- to recuse myself. I conducted myself in a manner that strived for a solution that was best for all of Payson, not just one business or group. I pushed for "fair and balanced" reporting of the issues and urged staff to develop a noise ordinance they thought was appropriate for our town.

At times the council's actions will not make everyone happy. What is important is that we follow a good process that considers all input, and then reach a fair and reasoned decision that is best for all of Payson.

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