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Q: When will Qwest bring its DSL high-speed Internet service to Payson?

A: Jeff Mirasola, the public relations director for Qwest in Arizona and New Mexico, said the company has to file its intentions with the Arizona Corporation Commission at least 90 days in advance when it does something like launch DSL service in an area. This time allows Qwest's competitors a chance to respond to the plan. For those who are not cyber-savvy, DSL is a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds. Currently there are five companies that provide Internet access in the Payson area.

Q: Recently town employees erected two lodge poles holding a "We Support Our Troops" sign at town hall. Whose idea was it and what did it cost taxpayers?

A: Mary Goddard, who has family serving with the armed forces in Iraq, donated the banner, according to John Cadd of the Community Development Department. He said Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett took the matter to the town council and the installation of the display was approved. Cadd built the frame as a contribution, Dave Dailey Construction donated the lodge poles, Jan Parsons had APS dig the holes and set the poles and donate the cement to hold them in place. Cadd said the display is a temporary one, but a more permanent tribute will be created with a donation from Pioneer Log Homes and Baseline Consultants.

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