Council Rescinds Proposed Subdivision


The Payson Town Council overturned a rezoning request that it had previously granted, citing water as a determining factor.

Patrick and Barbara Underwood wanted to subdivide a plot of land near Tyler Parkway into 14 lots instead of the previously zoned seven. The council had approved the request earlier, but had second thoughts.

"They actually adopted that thing the first meeting the new council took over in the early part of June, and everybody thought that was it," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "But before the 30 days the ordinance could take effect, the council actually decided they wanted to revisit it, so they rescinded the ordinance they had adopted."

Public Works Director Buzz Walker explained the council's rationale.

"The reason we're talking about this is the result of direction from the council that we review subdivisions in light of our water status and (determine) whether we have sufficient water in the future to provide for these lots and our existing customer and customers we're going to attain in the future for lots that have been approved but haven't been developed," Walker said. "For the matter of definition, we do not have an adequate water supply for that and that's about as plain-spoken and forward as we can be on this."

After retreating into executive session for legal advice, the council agreed to waive any future application fees for the Underwoods should an adequate source of water be procured.

In other action, the attempt to move public comment to the end of the agenda died for lack of a motion.

During debate on the issue, Mayor Barbara Brewer explained the rationale for the resolution.

"At a League of Cities meeting, they said the proper way to conduct meetings was to allow people who went through procedures to put their business on the agenda properly to be heard first," Brewer said.

The next topic, an ordinance that would deny residents the right to pull items from the consent agenda, prompted debate on moving public comment up on the agenda instead of down. With the council split 3-3, a second motion that would ban the public from pulling consent items, but move public comment ahead of the consent agenda, passed 4-2.

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