Noisy Airplanes Were Fighting Willow Fire



Did it ever occur to Mr. Ron Barker ("Goose and gander stuff", Friday, July 23, 2004) that those "two" (there were four, two yellow and two with red and white markings -- we took note of the aircraft numbers) low-wing single engine tankers that repeatedly came over their house and the hospital at about five minute intervals for the past few weeks were planes assisting in fighting the Willow Fire?

My husband (35-year commercial airline mechanic) and I also observed the planes and with tears of gratitude in our eyes cheered them on each time they made a pass over our house. God bless those pilots for making as many sorties as possible out of the great Payson Airport to quell the second largest wildfire in Arizona's history.

Methinks Mr. Barker must have had his head in the sand from June 24 until now (yes, the Willow Fire, although 100 percent contained, still presents and will present problems for the foreseeable future -- erosion, etc.) Is he going to complain when aircraft fly over the burned area doing reseeding? Where would he be right now if those planes had not been available to suppress the fire? Doubtful that he'd be at his desk in Payson writing off-the-wall letters to the editor.

How about showing some appreciation for the work of those four planes buzzing the town of Payson at 1,000 feet altitude at 6:50 a.m. (and at all hours of daylight, all days of the week).

Judy Berger, Payson

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