Ronstadt Editorial Was ‘Very Fair'



I just wanted to respond to some of the criticism you have been getting about your editorial opinions. I felt that your position on the Linda Ronstadt issue was very fair. I don't believe you insinuated in any way that entertainers do not have First Amendment rights, only that when they sell an event as "entertainment" and take people's money for it, then they have a responsibility to provide "entertainment" -- not political discourse.

The Hollywood crowd holds more than enough events where they vent their spleens relative to their political views, and most of those events are free. So you and your paper were right on with your position relative to that issue.

Another reader says that you are "Anti-American" and accuses you of stifling opposing opinions. I think the published responses to your editorials refute that accusation on it's face.

You have been by far, more fair to everyone's viewpoints than The Arizona Republic, or any number of the mainstream print media in this country.

I guess Mr. Hinds and his party are so used to "owning" the local newspapers, that it outrages them when a few don't "toe the party line."

You simply keep on doing the fine job you are doing. Your readers will show their support by either buying your product or not. As in the case of Ms. Ronstadt, her customers were obviously not happy with her service and they responded accordingly. The last time I looked, that is allowed in America.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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