Businesses Wanted For Heber/Overgaard



There is a movement with interested parties in the Heber/Overgaard community to look into the possible incorporation in the near future.

This procedure takes a lot of research and planning and will be a few years in the planning stages/implementation and community vote.

One of the main issues always is a good tax base to support incorporation. At present, Heber/Overgaard does not have that.

Why do cities incorporate? Primarily to control its own planning/zoning/ infrastructure/safety, such as police protection, etc.

The first stage to a good city is to get an industrial complex to attract jobs/industry for its current population and future residents who may want to stay here after their education.

The purpose of this letter now is to start an education process for our community, and to invite large corporations like Swift Transportation, Fry's, Safeway, Albertson's, manufacturers and any others to look at our community, think about investing here, and if we build an industrial complex, put a facility there to assist us in our future endeavors and job opportunities and allowing those educated here to come home to good employment opportunities.

Richard Jarenski

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