Manslaughter Of Grant Kuenzli: Questions Need To Be Addressed



There are some questions that have not been addressed in the manslaughter of Grant Kuenzli.

The Pine Trail is posted as being 10 miles in length. According to the killer's claim, his hike began at the Pine Trailhead, located south of the community of Pine.

This is a strenuous hike at times. It follows a rather level landscape for a distance, and then it begins a long, rocky road climb up to the "Weeping Springs," following an early water line. Leaving the spring, the trail descends into Pine Canyon and to Pine Creek where it follows the creek.

The trail then leaves the creek and makes a steep switchback climb up to "the Rim." At that point, the trail levels out to a very large flat, thinned out forest area about a city block distance from the Beeline Highway near milepost 279. This is the area that Grant Kuenzli lost his life. He was exercising three dogs, two of which had been caged at the humane society in Payson. He did this frequently.

The fact that these dogs were not on a leash is meaningless. They were alone and having fun in the wilderness with their buddy, Grant Kuenzli.

Then 57-year-old Harold Fish tops out of Pine Canyon. For a 57-year-old hiker, Pine Trail can be a very hard hike. Indeed, a hiker I led on this trail a few years ago wanted me to call search and rescue for him.

The dogs see another playmate and run toward Mr. Fish and death is knocking at the door of life for Grant Kuenzli. A gun is pointed at the dogs and Grant runs toward the gunman, protecting his friends. The gunman panics and a life is taken away.

Question one: How was the physical and mental condition of the hiker at the time he approached Grant Kuenzli? Fatigued?

Question two: How was the fatigued hiker going to get back to his car south of Pine, located more than 10 miles away?

Question three: Is there a third party that we are not being told about, a person who was to drive the hiker back to the Pine Trailhead?

Question four: Did the hiker really hike the 10 miles?

Dave Engleman

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