Moral Compass Has Been Tossed To Curb



Last week Congressman Rick Renzi was on KMOG-AM. He chuckled when he said that the torture and humiliation of prisoners in Iraq was no worse than the "hazing" he experienced at NAU. He doesn't get it.

Senator Inhof of Oklahoma said that he was angry at the press who showed the pictures of the abuse of prisoners at the hands of our military. Senator Inhof went further to say that these people being held by our troops were criminals. Who convicted them? If they were such hardened criminals why did the military release thousands of them the day after Secretary Rumsfeld did his quick trip to Iraq? Did the administration wish to get rid of the evidence?

I think that at this time of Memorial Day; as we approach the 60th anniversary of the "D-Day" when thousands of GI's gave their all on the Normandy Beaches of Europe we should search our souls and ask: are the actions of this administration something that we as Americans should be proud? Have we dropped the torch that we as Americans have proudly held high?

Do our chuckling Congressman and irate Oklahoma senator drag us all down as accomplices in these criminal acts? I, for one, renounce this levity at our troops' actions and demand to know who authorized these young people to commit such acts.

I believe that real Americans would never delight in the humiliation and torture of others. Where is our justice? Where is the rule of law? I pray that we can regain our moral compass that this administration and Congressman Renzi have tossed to the curb.

Mark Ernest Reza

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