More Questions About Kuenzli Killing



Thank you for the editorial on the killing of Grant Kuenzli.

A year ago when we went to the Payson Humane Society to adopt the "Dog of the Week." Grant was playing with her, exchanging hugs and licks. He didn't speak to us, but I thought he looked pleased as we loaded her into our car. Another "reject" going to a good home.

I am sick about Grant's killing, and I have a few other questions to add to your list for the Grand Jury's consideration:

Having hiked the Pine Canyon Trail myself two times, I know one usually either gets dropped off, or you arrange to have a car waiting at the end of the trail. Otherwise, you have to turn around and hike back the 10 miles.

Where was Fish's car? Did someone drop him off? Did someone pick him up? Was there a witness? Did Grant come at him because he shot at his dogs and missed?

Besides being terribly sad, the whole story is fishy.

Carol Suhr

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