Training Funds A Waste



To Rep. Jake Flake:

I know that the federal government is into corporate welfare in a big way, but I didn't realize that Arizona was so flush with extra funds that we could afford to pay $209,000 to one of the "10 largest automotive parts and system suppliers to train 990 existing employees in safety and technical issues" (Arizona Republic, May 24, 2004).

It seems to me that a company that big (TRW Vehicle Safety Systems) could pay for its own training, and if it were spending its own money, it might spend it a little more carefully.

If I recall correctly, there was a move to do away with the Department of Commerce not too long ago. I assume that same "moderate majority" that recently passed a budget that would embarrass a drunken sailor, were the same culprits that retained the big spending Department of Commerce.

Dan Adams

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