Bill Proposes Benefits For Illegal Immigrants


Have you heard of HR-3722 "Hospital Benefits for Illegal Aliens?"

Your representative, Mr. Rick Renzi, voted against this small effort to prevent illegal aliens from having unfettered, and mostly gratis care at Arizona hospitals. This bill simply required that hospitals report treatment of illegal aliens to the DHS if they want to be reimbursed by the taxpayer.

Of course the opponents of this bill cried "racism," and other such stupidity, but the fact is that this bill singled out no particular ethnic group or race, but was an attempt to deal with illegal actions.

Of course, Mr. Renzi who is actually a longtime Virginian, has little concept of the problem facing the people of his district except what he reads in The Arizona Republic. Renzi, who is an Arizonan in name only, thinks an illegal alien is someone who didn't pay the toll when crossing from D.C. into Virginia.

But he does know the political realities of his district, and this vote is an obvious pandering to the southern front. The non-citizens sneaking across our southern border are not "undocumented workers," they are indeed "illegal aliens."

But then Renzi at least has the excuse of not really being an Arizonan. One wonders what excuse could be proffered by two longtime Arizona boys, Mr. Shadegg and Mr. Flake who likewise opposed this effort to curb the explosion in health care costs paid by legal citizens of Arizona. All of these men seem bent on giving full rights and benefits, with few of the attendant responsibilities, to those who have repeatedly broken our laws.

It is sad that they and many others have chosen to reward lawlessness. I may share the same political party with these men, but I do not share their warped view of upholding the Constitution on this issue. I expect them to next support an award for the best thief of the year, but of course the winner may well be in the very house in which they work.


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