Congressman's 'Hazing' Remark A Poor Choice Of Words



Regarding an article on the Opinion page (June 4) concerning an article about Congressman Rick Renzi and written by Mr. Mark Reza.

Quoting from the article, it says last week Rick Renzi was on KMOG and (quote) "He chuckled when he said that the torture and humiliation of prisoners in Iraq was no worse than the hazing he experienced at NAU," end of quote.

Now if Mr. Renzi's words are true, then, in my opinion, his first order of business should have been to go back to has alma mater and try to correct these hazing procedures. Could it be that schools are where this kind of abusive behavior gets its start?

I believe Mr. Renzi used a very poor choice of words, and that statement begs another question. How often has Mr. Renzi used such a poor choice of words?

If the aforementioned quotation is really his opinion regarding the treatment of prisoners, then I do not want to recognize him as a congressional representative for me. Also, in one of his recent mailings, he states that he wants to improve the quality of education in rural Arizona. If that is so, then I hope he will redefine the NAU hazing procedure so as not to include torture and abusive type behavior.

I would like to thank Mr. Mark Reza for bringing this subject to the attention of those of us who did not hear this story on the radio.

Art C. Buckner, Payson

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