Letter Reminds All Residents To Vote



Readers may be a bit surprised to see any letter ("Citizens for Better Payson Government," by co-chairs Crowley and Metcalf, May 28) referring to the educational-but-stormy meeting of May 18 about the town's application to "explore and test" up to 28 deep-water wells six to 10 miles east of your office.

However, you've not abandoned us other water-preoccupied readers, perhaps your editorial writers have been busy re-inventing water conservation.

Brookes Utilities looks like a hot candidate for one of your jointly issued "most notorious water waster awards."

The CFBPG letter does the greater Payson community (all of whose citizens feed the town's coffers with each purchase via sales taxes) an important service by reminding us to write -- right now -- our opinions (for or against) to Ranger Rod Byers.

Writers should concern themselves with the application's features, not merely "vote." Not surprisingly, the application, created by professional writers under contract with the water department, is not only terribly expensive, but it is dangerously biased. It has a number of flaws in its design (particularly in its monitoring/shutdown-if-damages-occur features).

But, the application is perfectly legal, and the USFS has to respond by following all federal regulations -- which include the Environmental Analysis Requirement, now currently in process. This process includes reviewing all public input, such as that requested at the May 18 meeting.

C. M. Elmore, Payson

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