Local Leaders Have Made Poor Decisions



It was sad to read the comments made in this article.I was at the May 18 meeting at RCMS and can confirm that there were not"300 boisterous opponents" present.here were a few boisterous people there as you will find in any large group of concerned people.
The people of Star Valley and surrounding areas have one main concern and that is losing their properties because of loss of water.Past leaders in Payson have made some poor decisions which have caused Payson to lose their rights to the CAP.
Payson has allowed two golf courses to be builts they still promote growth in an area with serious drought conditions.Do the citizens of Payson know the costs to them for this water investigation?

Speaking to a hydrologist at the May 18 meeting (not boisterously I might add), he commented that no matter how much drilling, testing, and exploring they do, there is never a guarantee that the wells will not effect other wells in the future.
The people of Star Valley are scared of losing all they have. Most of us can not connect on to the city water if our wells run dry.
I would like to see the CBPG give some understanding and compassion for the residents who shop, work, and volunteer in Payson. We are not your enemies. We are your neighbors.

Jacque LeSueur, Star Valley

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