Mont Mckean Ends 106 Years Of Dancing


Mont McKean, born in Dandridge, Tenn. June 15, 1897 would have been 107 years old in 10 days.he claimed to not like birthdays, so she departed a little early, but she did love life, and that is what she would wish for all of us to remember.
When she was 6 years old, her family moved to the Dallas area of Texas.he recalled her mother taking her, her older sister and younger brother on the train from Tennessee to this new adventure in Texas while eating baskets of fried chicken and biscuits.
She graduated from Howard Paine College in Brownwood, Texas with a degree in music playing the piano, violin, and singing in the "Glee Club."
Later while visiting a college friend in Luling, Texas, she met Elmo McKean at a dance and in 1923 they were married.
Finally, in 1933, I was born and I guess she decided at her age of 36, one child was enough.

My grandfather was a cattleman and farmer so we spent many happy summers in our camp house on the San Marcos river, swimming, fishing, hunting squirrels, and working the cattle.any glasses of iced tea, steaks cooked outdoors on a mesquite-fired grill and fresh corn on the cob from the nearby field were enjoyed along with friends who always loved to drop by.
In 1949, Elmo, her husband died, but she choose to carry on and enjoy life to its fullest.he and her sister were very close so they traveled all over the United States and then toured Europe, Asia, and South America.hile I was in the Navy, she also visited me in New England and Puerto Rico.
She also loved playing cards and attended a Saturday night gathering of friends.ot bridge, but a local game that involved a little small-time gambling just for fun.y this time, she was living on Lake McQueeney out in the country about 35 miles east of San Antonio and still driving her car into town for groceries and visiting friends.
At the age of 98, I noticed several dents in her car, she claimed someone ran into her at the grocery store, so she gave up her lake house and moved into independent living in San Antonio.fter celebrating her 100th birthday there, she moved into the Powell House in Payson, where Coyla and I live.e were happy to again be living close together.
When asked her secret to living so long, she would speculate that it was the music, dancing, lots of vegetables, milk and possibly a little Thunderbird wine, but not too much.
She loved to walk and claimed to have worn out the carpet at the Powell House. few years ago, she fell and broke her hip but recovered beautifully and was back walking the halls.hen asked how she did that at her age she responded that "I wasn't ready to go."


Byron McKean helped celebrate the 106th birthday of his mother, Mont McKean, last summer. Mont died this week, just 10 days shy of her 107th birthday.

In the last few months, food didn't taste as good, walking became boring, and life really slowed down.raditionally each and every year on her birthday she and I would dance the waltz, usually the Tennessee Waltz and Waltzing Across Texas, but this year, I guess she decided that since she could no longer dance, that the dance should be over before that next birthday.
Thanks Mom for my 71 years of dancing with you and your nearly 107 years of dancing with the world.
You are an inspiration to us all.

(Thanks to all the employees of Powell House, Payson Hospice, and Whispering Hope Ranch for their care and love. --ryon and Coyla McKean)

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