Payson People Are 'Unbelievable'



The word that always comes to mind is "unbelievable."

I recently moved here from living in Phoenix for 32 years where if you were to fall over dead, the only ones running toward you are those who want first dibs on your purse and jewelry.

Moving here was certainly intimidating and a little scary, I must admit. I mean, I spent grade school, high school, and college in Phoenix. So, moving here was taking me away from everything I knew ... family, friends, and most important, familiar roads. However, in just a short time, what I have learned is this: Payson and its residents are phenomenal. I have some "thanks" to give.

Like Lisa and Sylvia at the Texaco Station in Star Valley. I had just enough gasoline to get me home to Christopher Creek and back to Payson the next day for work, at which time I had planned on filling up. Just to make things worse, all I had on me was my checkbook ... no cash. Well, due to a terrible accident on 260, they closed the road. The only way to get home was by going up 87 to some Control Road through Whispering Pines.

Thank God for Lisa and Sylvia, they routed me to Safeway where I was able to write a check for cash. Then, there was the Safeway employee who, bless her heart (I didn't get her name), took the time to call the sheriff's office to try to get me home. Unbelievable!

And then, there was that gentleman who offered to carry a 50-pound bag of dog food to my car (I am a whole 5'2" at 115 pounds) ... There are still real gentlemen out there ... in Payson. Unbelievable!

Then, there is the police officer. I don't think I have ever been given a speeding ticket (sorry ... I still have a little Phoenix in me, but I am learning) by an officer I actually had a great time talking to. Never had so much fun getting a ticket before. I left feeling good about a speeding ticket? Unbelievable!

Now, ask me. Am I still intimidated? Am I still scared? Do I feel alone here? No way. I think I moved to a city of guardian angels. Real people who really care about each other. I only have one concern -- that someone from Phoenix will read this and want to come up here to live. Shhhhhhh -- let's keep it our secret, OK?

Linda Nelson, Payson

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