Schools Shouldn't Be Run By Dictatorship



When is it that the entire town of Payson is going to pull their heads out of the sand and take a look at what is happening in our schools? This includes the entire population of Payson.

These children are "Our Future." So why is it that the school board, the teachers, the parents, the students and any other living breathing human in this school district has turned a blind eye and deaf ear as to what is happening. You people think your child is safe, but think again.

All elementary students end up converging into the one and only middle school. This is the place that has had such controversy and issues between the people who are to be caring for the education of our children. I cannot count the numerous times that I have heard parents and teachers with stories that should be investigated in some way.

I don't think that dictatorship is a very good thing to teach our children and every time that someone lets something go by without speaking up for fear of retaliation for speaking their mind or having a voice think about the destruction that is happening.

Just what is it that our children are learning? Apparently the district office doesn't seem to have much concern.

Just how long are they going to sit on their haunches? It is unfortunate because we have some very wonderful and exceptional teachers in our school system. It really is a shame that they are overshadowed by a few bad teachers and lousy leadership.

We can't fix what is broken if we choose to ignore it. It is time for us all to speak out until someone agrees to hear us and make the necessary changes.

Maybe the next time you vote, whether it is for any town official or even your school board, you should really look for someone who is a supportive advocate for the children of Payson.

Paula Waterman, Payson

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