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Re: Article about Bill Sahno

I consider Colonel Sahno a close friend and mentor. I became acquainted with Bill when I assisted in presenting the charter to Rim Country Detachment 928, Department of Arizona, Marine Corps League, in 1995. Payson is fortunate to have this professional, dedicated person in its midst. Semper Fidelis.

Re: Terrorist attacks

On May 26, the man who won the popular vote for president in 2000 gave a major speech on terrorism, the current state of the war and America's relationship with the world. But almost all we heard about in the liberal media was Attorney General John Ashcroft announcing that terrorists will probably attack sometime this summer. Is this a coincidence? Did Ashcroft just learn the names of the seven "clear and present dangers" that morning and rushed them right out to us? This important speech by Al Gore can be seen at Please look at it. Then go to and, and tell your representatives what you think. Whether you would rather hear from John Ashcroft or Al Gore, it is important that your government hears from you.

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