Are The Complaints Ever Going To Stop?



As an employee of The Door Stop, I want to say that I appreciate the opportunity to work full-time and earn a good salary in Payson. But I just have to ask: Are these ridiculous complaints from our neighbors ever going to stop?

Today, an official from the town of Payson investigated yet another complaint from our airpark neighbors, this time about our dust.

The Door Stop had agreed to donate sawdust to the town for use at the rodeo grounds as a soft-landing surface for the contestants. The town was even using a water truck to spray the loading operation to minimize dust, but even this minimal dust was still too much for our complaining neighbors.

My point is that the dust was really not excessive and The Door Stop was only trying to help the town. It seems like these airpark neighbors will complain, no matter how good the cause, any time The Door Stop is involved and I wish they would please stop.

Clara Stumfoll, Payson

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