Is Town Trying To Circumvent Code?


I'd like to thank the town of Payson for sponsoring the open house meeting concerning noise issues in town. It was very informative.

The noise problem at The Door Stop is solvable. I'm sure the interior is state of the art, however, the exterior needs to be completed. Enclose the dust collectors and the noise goes away.

As a future Payson resident, I'm troubled and I'll explain why.

he Payson Unified Development Code was adopted in 1996 and allows residential areas such as Mazatzal Mountain Airpark to co-exist with industrial areas like Skypark Industrial park. Check out page 20. The Door Stop is located in the M-1 Light Industry District which states "...industrial activities conducted in a manner not to cause inconvenience or disturb neighboring properties."

hope the Payson town council's intent is not to create a noise ordinance just to circumvent the purpose of the M-1 section of the code.

Wouldn't that be "changing the rules in the middle of the game"?
Mark Gaboriault, Future Payson resident

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