Opponent's Campaign Is About Change



Nice try, John (Armer, Gila County sheriff).

Your letter to the editor in the Payson Roundup on Friday, May 28th, 2004 was another attempt to cover your own incompetence.

Nowhere in the interview with the Roundup May 11, 2004, did I criticize the deputies, dispatchers, jail personnel or any employee of the Gila County Sheriff's Office. Attempting to deflect my remarks to others just won't work. Apparently, this is how you want to begin your dirty campaign. You are turning your law enforcement friends away with phone calls and lies about me.

My campaign is about change. Citizens from Globe to Pine-Strawberry have not seen the sheriff in four years. Your exaggerated "promises" you state that you have kept will soon be exposed as campaign rhetoric.

Let's keep the campaign for sheriff about the issues ... which one is best qualified, which one an do the best job for all of the taxpayers and all the employees of the Gila County Sheriff's Office.

In the end, the voters will decide who they truly feel can do the best job.

Kim Pound, Payson

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