Village Experiences First Water Outage



First, our faucets drizzled. Then, there was nothing.

This past weekend, Tonto Village experienced its first water outage of the year.

By Sunday evening, almost everyone received an urgent request to conserve as much water as possible, and fill up a few jugs for a reserve supply.

Ron Standage, manager of the Tonto Village Water Company, distributed a letter explaining to us that a pump had failed and that the water in well No. 1 had dropped by 50 percent. He said he has pooled all of his resources to give us a small supply of water until the pump can be repaired, but he also urged us to refrain from all outside water use including lawns, trees, and gardens, as well as washing of vehicles.These restrictions will be in place until further notice by the water company.

We do not have an unlimited supply of water, so it is crucial that we all use good sense and conserve wherever we can. I urge all residents to spread the word to our weekend visitors as well.

A little lost dog

J.R. and Gloria Alliger are asking residents to keep an eye out for their little lost dog, Gizmo. Their pet of seven years disappeared last Thursday night, and they've been frantically searching for the Japanese Chin around their home in Tonto Village III.

Gizmo is about 15 pounds, and is tri-colored and loves to be around people.

If anyone has any knowledge of Gizmo, or knows of his whereabouts, please contact the Alligers at (928) 478-0404. They are most anxious to have their pet back. They want to thank everyone for all the help in trying to locate their little dog, and they greatly appreciate all of people who have helped them.

Tonto Village Chapel

The third annual Tonto Village Chapel BBQ for all of the Village and surrounding communities is this Saturday, June 12 in the Chapel parking lot. There will be games for the children along with hot dogs, snow cones, and drinks. All the fun starts at 11 a.m. and will end at 2 p.m.

The potluck luncheon that is usually held on the second Sunday of every month will not be held this month because of the BBQ on Saturday.

Pastor Ken Schroth announced that Vacation Bible School will run from July 5 to 9. Children up to sixth grade are urged to participate this year in a "Jungle Adventure." Rita Spalink is in charge of all the events. Call her at (928) 478-0442 to sign up your child.

Tonto Village Fire District

On Monday, June 7, a special meeting was held by the fire board. The purpose of this special meeting was to ratify the fire district's 2004-05 budget. It was ratified and will be further discussed at the regular monthly meeting on Saturday, June 12. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the fire station beginning at 10 a.m. Station reports will be given at that time by the assistant chiefs of the rest of the stations within the district.

Big winnings

The big news in the Sunday pool tournaments is that Sunny Hill from Tempe won the $50 prize. Great going, Sunny.

Mike Bryan and Harvey Poyner were the second- and third-place winners.

The elk are roaming ...

The elk are becoming active again around the village. They are roaming the yards looking for tender green morsels to eat, and they found them in our back yard. They ate our pepper plants almost to nothing, along with chewing on the leaves from the apple tree and ate some very green apples. Do elk get stomach aches like cattle do? I hope they do so that they leave me some apples this year so that I can at least make one apple pie.

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