We're In The Middle Of World War Iii



This is in response to the letter to you from Mr. Reza June 4th entitled "Moral compass has been tossed to the curb."

It is true that some of the guards at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, who were citizen soldiers from Maryland, are guilty of abusing suspected terrorists in their charge, according to what we as Americans believe.

However, we must understand that these prisoners are not entitled to protection under the Geneva Convention because they do not belong to a nation that has agreed to the terms of the convention, which is evident by their barbaric and inhumane treatment of Americans and other "infidels." Their goal is the extermination of all "infidels", and they are willing to give their lives to kill an innocent human being in the name of religion. They are animals in a world of freedom-loving people.

In a letter Pat Boone recently sent to the Newsmax organization, he said: "These things happen in a war on all sides, and though they are not excusable, they are kindergarten exercises compared to car bombs, ambushes, rocket launchings and dangling burning bodies over bridges, and this is what the interrogators at Abu Ghraib were trying to find ways to stop,"

He goes on the infer that CBS and NBC could be reasonably considered responsible for the death of Nick Berg by releasing the pictures (after being informed that appropriate action was already being taken against the persons responsible) knowing that their release would further inflame the anti-American hatred around the world and in this country. Our country is doing everything it can to protect every citizen of our nation and to offer freedom to all that desire it.

Make no mistake about it -- we are engaged in the biggest war the world has ever known, and even though it has not been termed as such, it is World War III. This is a war of religious and racial hatred and a struggle to preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for our country and all people that desire the same. And this war is going to last a lot longer than WWI or WWII, partly because of self-serving actions of the liberal media in this country and comments like those of Mr. Reza.

Don Castleman, Payson

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