Extending The Pool Season Too Expensive


The recent newspaper article referred to extending the pool season when in fact a staffingpportunityresented itself so that weouldpen the facility in the mornings earlier than our usual opening day.

We assessed that since the poolas already operational (heated and treated) for our lifeguard training programs, our budget would only have to provide, at a minimal cost, three staff members to provide a preseason opening for lap swimming and a non-instructor aerobic/exercise opportunity.

In response to the operational hours available at Taylor Pool,anagement decisions always boil down to adequateunding and available staff.

Programs are often justified by the amount of revenue collected and a costecovery assessment. The annual revenues collected from the aerobic programs makes up064 percent of our entire pool revenue.

When it comes to our summer aquatics program -- we run the pool at a financial loss in which we collect about 50 percent of the cost of operations.

We also have a budget that limits the amount of funding available to operate the pool and extending the pool season is a very expensive proposition.

The fact still remains that once school starts (July 29th this year) we lose most of our staff members as they head back to high school and college. It takes more than one guard to sufficientlyanagen aquatic facility and our labor pool gets pretty shallow once school starts.

To actually extend the days that Taylor Pool can be opened,specially for aerobics, is a significant challenge,e needeveral available guards as well annstructors.

Additionally,unding to continue to keep the pool heated, cleaned, chemically balanced,iltered and staffed for two additional monthsould cost the town an estimated45,000.ithout the additional revenue sources such as open swimming, swim lessons, concessions etc, the revenue just is not there to help offsethe expense of operations.

Our staff and the Friends of Parks and Recreation are currently working on strategies for the developmentf an indoor aquatic facility.

Please contact the "Friends" group or our office for additional details.

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