Pool Season Should Have Been Extended Long Ago


I read the article on the Taylor Pool program with disbelief and yes, anger. Bill Schwind states he opened the pool a month early to accommodate 15 early morning lap swimmers "at the request of those who use Taylor."

Why did he not open the pool to the 80 water aerobic participants who have been asking for years to extend the pool's short season?

Why did he not consider those 48 participants whose names I personally gave him at the end of the 2002 summer who signed a petition requesting a longer season?

These water aerobic participants account for approximately $3,200 of the pool's revenue and yet he has disregarded their requests for years to lengthen the pool season. To open the pool for a month for 15 early morning swimmers seems like a slap in the face to those of us who have been dedicated contributors to the pool's coffers for so many years.

In 2002, Bill Schwind stated the reason the pool couldn't remain opened additional weeks was because the lifeguards had to return to school. For that reason, I became a qualified lifeguard in May 2003. When the request was then made to extend the pool season for water aerobics the parks department cited the daily cost as prohibitive to keeping the pool open.

I hope that Mr.Schwind will set another precedent in the pool's 20-year history by extending the pool's opening when the hot weather persists at least through the end of August, if not into September. We dedicated class members believe too that water aerobics is a great way to get an aerobic workout.

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