Shortage Or Snow Job?



In the 13 years I have lived in East Verde Park, the full-time population has doubled. Yet, in that same amount of time, Brooks Utilities (or whoever they are now) has done nothing to upgrade the infrastructure of their system and to this day refuses to acknowledge the inadequacies of their antiquated production and delivery apparatus.

Instead, to save themselves from the financial costs of providing a service which, at this time, is not equal to the fees they charge for said service, they jump on the drought bandwagon, hoping to deflect attention from their negligence and lack of professional responsibility that the company not only chose to take on, but are obligated by law to provide.

Although the ongoing drought is a continuing concern, I contend it is not as severe in this community because of one simple overlooked fact.

The main well here is less than 30 feet from the East Verde river and over half of this well's production is indeed river water. This is evidenced by the extreme fluctuation of chlorine that coincides with the varying levels of bacteria pulled from the river.

This utility has no problem charging a monthly fee whether or not any water is used. This money goes to California instead of supporting a system that is slowly deteriorating. The restrictions currently in place are purely for the convenience of the supplier.

I compare the policies of this utility to that of Enron. We must not succumb to the illegitimate use of power.

Bill Davis, East Verde Park

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