Uncontrolled Expansion Part Of Water Problem



Water conservation for private wells.

I am a 34-year resident of Payson, and I have a well on my property. I probably have about $10,000 invested in this well, and Buzz Walker wants to control my use of it.

I can't but wonder when God Almighty abdicated His throne and appointed Mr. Walker god of our universe. With a man of Mr. Walker's caliber, and absolute control of our town, I am left to wonder why we need a town manager and a council that bends to all his whims.

He states: "The state owns the water that is under our property." If this is true, then how much does the town of Payson pay the state for using their water?

I have had a lawn, fruit tees and a vegetable garden for 30 years, and I intend to keep them on my privately-owned property, using my water, regardless of god Walker.

All you people with wells better step up to the plate before the game is over. With unlimited subdividing, and two golf courses for the elite few, our paradise will soon be a ghost town -- thanks to uncontrolled expansion.

George Fishel, Payson

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