We Need Mature Leaders



The tone and rhetoric of Mr. Pound's letter troubles me. I was so astonished by the over-reactive and defensive nature of his letter I went back and reread the May 11 article by Ms. Crowley on Mr. Pound's credentials and notions on being our sheriff in Gila County. I then reread Sheriff Armer's May 28 response to Mr. Pound's notions.

I do not know if Mr. Pound has lived in Gila County long enough to understand the vast difference in the attitude and professional demeanor of the sheriff's department since John Armer was elected. This professional demeanor is reflected in Sheriff Armer's coherent rebuttal of the issues suggested and stated by Mr. Pound in Ms. Crowley's interview. The included response time, volunteer base, money, accessibility and interagency cooperation.

As a voter, I think a candidate's thoughts and approaches to our county law enforcement are important. Ms. Crowley's article and Sheriff Armer's response were a good basic start for the voters to think about issues presented.

But Mr. Pound's letter was too rife with vitriolic rhetoric and verbiage. The "nice try," "covering your own incompetence," "beginning your dirty campaign," and "phone calls and lies about me." Good gracious, if any candidate worth being elected has something real and honest to say and to contest, then say it in an open, professional and thoughtful manner.

Our town, our county, our state, and our country all need mature, grounded, reasoned and reasonable people as leaders. John Armer has my vote.

D.L. Thompson, Payson

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