Zone Change Makes Way For 14-Lot Subdivision


A zoning change will make a new 14-lot subdivision possible.

The Payson Town Council, at its June 10, meeting unanimously approved, an ordinance that amended the zoning for property owned by Patrick and Barbara Underwood.

With the zoning change, the owners can subdivide a plot of land near Tyler Parkway into 14 lots.

The Underwoods' request for a zoning change drew vocal concerns from Mary Little, a homeowner in the area.

Little told the council that the codes, covenants and restrictions of the property prohibited it from being subdivided. She also said the rezoning should be denied because of concerns over dwindling water supplies in the area.

Bob Gould, director of community development, denied that the deed restrictions disallowed subdividing, saying it was OK as long as proper procedures were followed.

Gould also contended the town cannot deny water to a subdivision unless a moratorium on new hookups is declared by the council.

"We can't isolate those small subdivisions and say they can't have water," he said.

Since the council meeting represented a second reading of the ordinance, the rezoning is official.

A first reading was held May 27 and a public hearing May 13.

Also, the planning and zoning commission held a public hearing on April 19 and later made a recommendation to allow the rezoning of the Underwood property.

According to Gould, very little opposition was publicly expressed about the zoning change until Little spoke out at the second hearing.

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