Antiquing In The Cool Pines


A visit to Rim country offers more than cool pines and breathtaking scenery. Plenty of old treasures can be found in the many antique shops in Payson and Pine.

If items from the Old West are appealing, the Pioneer Village Trading Post is overflowing with cowboy collectibles, Native American jewelry, pottery and kachinas, as well as guns, swords and 500 different knives.


Somewhere in Time, at 503 W. Main St., has several rooms filled with an eclectic array of antiques and collectibles. Employee Shirley Rogers shows a selection of costume and antique jewelry. The store features everything from McCoy cookie jars to furniture.

Pioneer Village Trading Post is one of the oldest businesses in town. The Brotcke family has owned and operated the business since 1971, but they've been collectors for generations.

The trading post, located at 1117 N. Beeline Highway, is open on weekends only.

Main Street

A walk down Payson's historic Main Street will take you back in time. Its many shops could keep the antique lover occupied for hours.

From Abigail's, located at 404 West Main Street to Wants & Wishes at 705 West Main -- from one end to the other --ain Street has shops brimming with collectibles.

Somewhere in Time Antiques & Collectibles at 503 W. Main Street has several rooms full of items. Shoppers may want to allow ample time to peruse the store.

Employee Shirley Rogers says they have many unique things.

"People love to walk around and say ‘I wonder what I did with mine' or ‘my mother had something just like this,'" Rogers said. "We go from furniture to the smallest little salt and pepper shaker."

Somewhere in Time has more than 100 cookie jars made by McCoy and other well-known names.

"My favorite item is the china closets," Rogers said. "It's not a curio cabinet -- it's a real china closet with room for linens and things."

The Carpenter's Wife, located at 112 W. Wade Lane, has 16 rooms filled with antiques and collectibles. It seems endless as you make your way through the maze of rooms.

The store boasts a large collection of Blakely plates and cups -- a highly sought-after brand which was a gas station chain in the 1950s. When a customer bought more than eight gallons of gas, they got a free plate with an Arizona motif.


Doll collectors will love the selection at Somewhere in Time on Main Street in Payson. In fact, there is something for all collectors at Payson's many antique stores.

Granny's Attic, at 800 East Highway 260, features several rooms brimming with treasures. One of the interesting collections Granny's Attic has are antique fishing lures and rods.

Whether it's china, sewing machines, books or linens -- you can probably find it at Granny's Attic or one of Payson's fine antique shops.

Antique shops are sprinkled throughout Payson.

Owner Kathy Fugate, describes her store, Abigail's, as a multi-dealer mall that specializes in "shabby chic." Her inventory includes furniture, lamps, candles -- everything needed for the garden cottage.

New inventory arrives weekly at Abigail's, located at 404 West Main Street.

Wants & Wishes, at 705 West Main Street, is located in the historic Chilson house, built in 1915, said owner Linda Lessard.

"We are an old-time variety store," Lessard said.

The store has vintage jewelry, clothing and furniture. Lessard said she also has items for the animal lover in the "Breed Apart" room. Those with green thumbs will enjoy the garden department in the backyard.

On the south side of town, at 1001 South Beeline Highway, is Payson Antiques. Payson Antiques has been openor business for 16 years.henventory includeseller and McCoy pieces among many other popular collectibles.According to owner Don Lagge, the store has a vast array of eclectic antiques -- everything from glassware and jewelry to linens.

Lagge said his prices are low in comparison to other local dealers.

At 900 North Beeline Highway is the Cracker Crate. Owner Debbie Mahoney rents space within the five rooms and back yard to eight antique dealers.

Cracker Crate has a large collection of Coca Cola and John Deere memorabilia as well as sports mementos and black and white metal nostalgia signs of famous stars.


Just about 15 miles north on Highway 87 is the small, artsy community of Pine, where antiques abound.

Pine Country Antiques, on Highway 87 just before the Texaco gas station, has rooms full of antiques and curios.

Store owner Sandy Fox said she has something for everyone.

"We have a wide selection of antiques with a wide selection of prices," Fox said.

Fox also pointed out some antique stoves and elaborate oil lamps in their original state.


A pair of antique roller skates is what this shopper is looking at. Pine Country Antiques, on Highway 87 in Pine, has a vast inventory of everything from antique toys to furniture and gardening tools.

Fox said antique hounds have a variety of tastes.

"It's amazing the things that people collect, and they come in asking for all kinds of things," Fox said.

While you're driving on Highway 87, don't forget to stop at Pine Art & Antiques and Pine Artisans. Visitors will enjoy stopping at the town's quaint antique stores and art galleries.

Tymeless Antiques & Treasures is just off Highway 87 on Hardscrabble Road. Owner Larry Baker said several dealers display their goods throughout the store, bringing a vast selection of items.

"We have 23 antique dealers who rent space in here," Baker said. "There are all kinds of things here."

Baker's inventory includes everything from antique toys to pictures to movie memorabilia and records -- yes, remember vinyl records?

Annabelle's Antiques, Accents & Accessories is just down Hardscrabble Road and is owned by Kathy Fugate, who also owns Abigail's, another antique store on Main Street in Payson.

"We have different merchandise, to try to appeal to everybody," Fugate said. "We try to buy things that we like and feel other people will like -- it's fun to please people that way."

Annabelle's features items from 10 antique dealers, plus a number of consigned pieces. Those who enjoy things like delicate china will especially enjoy Annabelle's.

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