Add A Feline To The Family



Payson Humane Society Animal Shelter Director Kim Garza with Nutmeg and Jamaica, just two of the many cats and kittens available for adoption.

June is the American Humane Association's national Adopt-A-Cat Month, and the Payson Humane Society and American Humane are urging Rim country residents to consider adopting a feline friend.

Helping with this year's efforts is Garfield, taking time out from his personal appearance tour to act as spokescat for all those meowsers who will make purr-fect companions.

Just stop by the Payson Humane Society Animal Shelter, at 812 S. McLane Rd., and let yourself be adopted by one of these adorable cats.

"Some people may be surprised to find that cats are the most popular pet in America," says shelter director Kim Garza.

While cats are available for adoption anytime of year, June is always the busiest month in terms of the number of cats and kittens that arrive at shelters. All they are looking for is a loving home and people who will be happier for the companionship these feline friends provide.

According to American Humane, there are a number of things families should consider when choosing to adopt a cat:

  • Age: While the playful antics of kittens are hard to resist, adult cats are often better suited to families with young children. Mature cats respond better to the clumsy handling of inquisitive toddlers. The ultimate choice when considering the best age of a feline for you is whether your household is ready for a grown-up cat that can turn on occasional playfulness, or the constant playfulness (with regular naps) that kittens are known for.
  • Number: If you are thinking about adding another cat to your feline fold, it's important to consider the facts about a multi-cat household, including feeding, multiple litter boxes, and most important, whether the cats will get along. Ask you local animal shelter for tips on how to introduce a new cat or kitten to your family of pets so the transition is easy for everyone.
  • Personality: Be aware that many cats are under a great deal of stress in the shelter environment. A cat's true personality may not come out until he has been in his new home for several weeks. The Payson Humane Society encourages you to visit the cat you're interested in several times and to read any information available from a previous owner. Generally, kittens should be active and enjoy being handled. And shy cats are best suited to quiet households.
  • Coat: Decide if you want a long-, medium-, or short-haired cat. The longer the coat, the more brushing that is needed to prevent painful matting.
  • Nutrition and Health: A veterinarian should examine your cat at least once a year. Good nutrition and regular vet visits will keep your cat healthy and happy.

Keep your cat indoors to prevent her from getting into accidents or fights with other cats. Check your cat for fleas, and make sure the litter box is clean and odor-free. Finally, set aside time every day to play with your loving companion; it is beneficial for you both!

For more information on Adopt-a-Cat Month, call the Payson Humane Society Animal Shelter at 474-5590.

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