Performance Vs. Rhetoric



In response to my opponent's letter to the editor on June 11, 2004:

I, very seriously, have taken to heart the trust that voters placed in me four years ago. I have more than 30 years in law enforcement experience -- most of it in management of personnel, programs, facilities and budgets. I have utilized my knowledge, training, education, and experience to mold the Gila County Sheriff's Office into a more efficient, effective, and responsive public safety organization. We provide quality service, faster and better, while responsibly safeguarding the taxpayers' interests than was done at any time prior to my election.

My work ethic is such that I spend upwards from 60 hours a week committed to ensure that we are safe in our communities and secure in our homes in all parts of Gila County.

I will continue to stand on my record of performance and my accomplishments as the reason voters should elect me to another four years of continued improvement. I trust that the voters of Gila County recognize the positive influence that my leadership has had on their public safety. I also trust that they have the ability to distinguish between my proven performance and campaign rhetoric.

John R. Armer


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