Restructure Act Protecting Environment



I am 100 percent for clean water and clean air; however, under the guise of clean air and clean water, environmentalists have wormed into the regulations and laws such irrelevant creatures as the flycatcher, darter snail, kangaroo rat, blunt nose lizard, and now the Rio Grande silver minnow and thousands more.

When do these creatures take precedence over human life? Who is the real endangered species?

This all boils down to a very ridiculous law known as the Endangered Species Act. This law has gone too far and has caused an untold amount of discomfort to the people of our great nation. The end result of this ridiculous law is as follows:

1. High oil and gas prices (no drilling in the Alaskan Anwar area or in the Rocky Mountain overthrust belt, or off shore California and Florida.)

2. High prices for electric power. No new dams or building of other power sources in the last 10 years.

3. High prices for lumber and homes. Prevents the logging of controlled timber cutting in our forest. Controlled cutting also lessens the possibility of disastrous forest fires, which we have just experienced.

4. High prices for crop products. Restricts water use to farmers.

5. Inflation, loss of thousands of jobs and the closing of many businesses. This is not about saving our environment.

This is about power and control over the American way of life. I think the attorney sector formed these wacko environmental organizations just to provide them with continuing employment and to gain political power.

If the American public wants to intervene and put a stop to this ridiculous endangered species act, write your congressmen for the repeal or at least an extreme modification of it.

These extremists have duped the public far too many years and now it's time we do something about it. Maybe we should join in a class action suit against the organizations for obstruction of justice.

I have one big question to ask the environmentalists and the Democrats. How did Sen. Daschle get an exemption of the endangered species act? He would have to do this in order to allow tree trimmings of the forest of his state. What's good enough for Sen. Daschle's state is good enough for all the states.

Edwin A Welge,


Retired Supervising Oil and Gas Engineer,

District 4, State of California

Consulting Geologist licensed with the

States of Arizona and California

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