Water Shut Off Each Night In Village



The water situation in Tonto Village continues to be a serious concern to all the residents of our little community.

Since it was reported last week that one or two of the wells were not operating at full capacity, little has changed. One of the wells has been repaired, but it is still not working at full capacity.

The water restrictions that were put into place last week by Ron Standage, Tonto Village Water Company manager, are still in effect. From now on, at least until we receive measurable rainfall, the water taps will be shut off from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day. It would be a good idea for everyone to keep at least 10 gallons of water on hand for use during the times that the water will be shut off.

Please remember that we do not need green lawns at this time of shortage. If need be, remind your neighbors if you happen to see water running, tell them to please turn it off.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Even though Vicki Grootegoed is not from Tonto Village, she is very much a part of our community. Vicki is part of our Wednesday dominoes group, and is also a major player in the annual melodrama this year, and has contributed by sewing many of the costumes we are using this year.

Vicki's birthday was on June 12th. I know that everyone wishes Vicki a very happy belated birthday.

Lori Mulvey, of Tonto Village III, who is also part of our dominoes group, is celebrating her birthday on June 17th. Happy birthday, Lori.

Grant and Marie Coley, of Tonto Village II, will celebrate their 39th anniversary on June 18th. Grant and Marie have made the big plunge to become permanent residents of the village.

They will be expanding their cabin over the next several months to make more living space for them and their visiting grandchildren. Grant is quite a fisherman too, so he will be visiting the fishing holes looking for that big fish. Happy anniversary to you both.

A speedy recovery to Charlie Clausen, of Tonto Village III. Charlie is a vital member of the cast in the melodrama this year, so he needs to be healthy. Charlie, unfortunately, came down with pneumonia a few weeks ago, but he is now recovering at home with the able help of his wife, Shirley.

Get well wishes to Charlie Terry, of Tonto Village II and our local welder. Charlie had a stint inserted for his heart and he is feeling better than he has been for awhile.

Mary Nourse, mother of Willie Nourse, our metal works expert, is now at Scottsdale Healthcare. Get well wishes and all of our prayers to Mary to recover very soon.

Tonto Village Chapel

Special thanks to Pastor Ken Schroth for his generosity for the community get-together at the chapel this past weekend. Pastor Schroth has done this for three years in a row for the children and their parents in the village and it is greatly appreciated.

Vacation Bible School is on schedule to begin this year July 5 through July 9. The theme this year is "A Jungle Adventure." Children up to sixth grade will be accepted.

Call Rita Spalink at (928) 478-0442 to sign up.

Tonto Village Fire District

Jim Ballard has been appointed to fill a vacant spot on the Tonto Village Fire Board that was made by the resignation of Erich Kirchhoefer. Jim will finish out that term. Chief J.R. Alliger reports that there will still be two vacancies that will need to be filled this year. These positions are elected to the board by ballots and will be in the November election.

The paperwork needed by the county election board is at the fire station.

Call Alliger at the fire station at (928) 478-4875 to pick up the necessary papers.

Also approved was the purchase of a 1997 Ford Explorer from the Diamond Star Fire Department. This vehicle will be a general purpose vehicle for the fire department.

Lions and tigers and bears ...

A black bear has been sighted in our village this past week. As my husband and I took our daily walk, we found overturned garbage cans along Standage Drive along with bear tracks.

The very next day, a neighbor called and said that she had just seen a bear in Tonto Village III.

It is strongly advised that all garbage cans be secured so that they cannot be overturned and strewn all over by this hungry bear.

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