When Will The Noise Pollution Stop?



I am responding to Clara Stumfoll's recent letter to the editor in the Roundup.he complaints about Door Stop noise pollution will stop when Mr. Hill fixes the problem he has created.t is clear that he has a noise emission problem; yet he has not even taken the interest to hire a professional acoustic engineer to reduce the problem.
If fact, during a recent town meeting, he asked for a 24/7 permit to emit noise at a deafening 75 decibels.nd it is a disgrace that our new Mayor Brewer has gone on record already supporting the concept of 24/7 noise pollution.

As Mark Gaboriault and others have pointed out:The Door Stop is located in the M-1 Light Industry District which states " ... industrial activities conducted in a manner not to cause inconvenience or disturb neighboring properties.'"

I would ask each and every supporter of The Door Stop who believes noise pollution is a good thing to honestly answer this question:f a diesel truck were permitted to idle 24/7 outside your front door, would you be upset enough to complain?

A diesel truck makes less noise than The Door Stop.he noise readings prove it.

Russ Hustead


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